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Meet John Chillingworth through his pictures and you will see that they are as fresh today as they were when British picture magazines reached their zenith. Meet him by reading his magazine articles and you will know that they are by someone with a deep understanding of the creative process.

His earlier images, held by the London-based Getty Images-Hulton Archive, are still reproduced in publications around the world. All are available to dedicated collectors of classic photography, both in the UK and around the world, as well as to the general public.

“Like so many great British photographers,” says Matthew Butson, vice-president of London-based Getty Images/Hulton Archive, “the work of John Chillingworth deserves wider recognition today.”

Far from being a mere ‘journeyman’, Chillingworth followed the same path as the great miniature camera pioneers, helping bring a fresh dimension to ‘story-telling’ photography. What is more his way of seeing pictures has directly influenced the visual development of subsequent generations of  photographers.

In the 1950’s he was a member of the ‘star’ team of photographic journalists whose images told stories for the seminal British picture magazine Picture Post, a weekly publication recognised as world class. During the celebration of 150 years of photography held at the National Museum of Photography, Film and TV (now known as the National Media Museum), he was described as a ‘maker of photographic history’.

‘Memory Lane’ it may be for some, but each one of his images from around the world still has a story to tell.

Coronation anniversary stamp, 2003
Royal Mail/Getty Images - Hulton archive

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